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Red and black

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'There Are no doubt a lot of hard-working people in Paris, 'continued the great gentleman,' but I found a man to work, who used to live on the sixth floor, and at once took a house on the third floor, and his wife chose the days to receive visitors; and he stopped working, stopped working, except to be or to look classy. It's the only thing they have after they have bread. To be exact, for my lawsuits, and for each of them separately, I have exhausted lawyers, one of whom died of lung disease the day before yesterday. Do you believe in my affairs in general, sir? For three years, I couldn't find a person who was willing to think seriously about what he was doing when he wrote something for me. But what I just said is just an opening remark. I respect you, and I dare say that I love you even though it's the first time I've seen you. Would you like to be my secretary at a salary of eight thousand francs or double? I bet you, even so, I make money. The day will come when we no longer find each other, and I am responsible for keeping that good parish for you. The abb refused; but,asrs warehouse, towards the end of the conversation, he saw that the Marquis was really in trouble, and this gave him an idea. I left a poor young man in the seminary, and if I am not mistaken, he will be brutally persecuted there. If he were an ordinary priest, he would have been in pace long ago. So far the young man has only known Latin and the Bible; but it is not impossible that some day he will use his great talents,push back racking system, either for preaching or for guiding souls. I do not know what he will do, but he has a sacred passion, and he has a great future. I was going to recommend him to our bishop, if our bishop had more or less your way of looking at people and things. "What is the origin of your young man?" Asked the Marquis. People say he is the son of a carpenter in our mountains, but I believe he is the illegitimate son of some rich man. I have seen him receive a letter, anonymous or assumed, containing a draft for five hundred francs. "Ah!"! "It's Julien Soler," said the Marquis. Where did you get his name? Asked the abb in surprise, blushing at the question. "I have nothing to say about that," replied the Marquis. That's good Said the abb. "You may try him as your secretary. He has perseverance and reason; in a word, it is worth a try." "Why not?" Said the Marquis, "But is this a man who could be bribed by the police or anyone else to come to my house as a spy?"? If you object, this is the only reason. After the abb had made a favourable assurance, mobile racking systems ,drive in racking system, the Marquis drew out a thousand-franc banknote: "Send this to Julien Soler for money and ask him to come to me." "I see you live in Paris." "Said Father Pilate," You do not know how tyrannical tyranny falls on us poor provincials, especially those priests who do not have the Jesuits as their friends. They won't let Julien Soler go. They'll come up with all kinds of clever excuses. They'll tell me he's ill, the post office will lose the letter, etc., etc. "I'll have the minister write a letter to the Bishop these days," said the Marquis. "I have forgotten one thing to be noted," said the abb. "This young man, in spite of his humble origin, has a high heart. If his pride is injured, he will be of no use; you will make him a fool." "I like it," said the Marquis. "Is it enough for me to make him my son's friend?" Not long after, Julien received a letter in strange handwriting, postmarked by Chalon, containing a withdrawal voucher to a merchant in Bezancon and a notice to go to Paris immediately. The letter was signed in a false name, but Julien could not help shivering when he opened it: a leaf fell at his feet, which was the secret signal he had agreed with Father Pilate. In less than an hour Julien was summoned to the episcopal palace, where he was received with fatherly affection. Reciting Horace, Monseigneur complimented him on the great promise that awaited him in Paris. And these compliments were so clever that Julien had to explain them if he wanted to thank them. Yu could not even say anything, first of all because he knew nothing, but the Bishop respected him very much. A small priest of the episcopal palace wrote to the mayor, who hurried himself to deliver a signed pass, with the traveler's name left blank. Before midnight that night, Julien had arrived at Fouquet's house. Fouquet, a wise man, was more surprised than happy about the future that awaited his friend. "For you," said the Liberal voter, "to end up with a government position would force you to do something that would be attacked in the newspapers. I will get your news through your shame. Remember, even in monetary terms, it is better to earn a hundred Louis in a legitimate timber business of one's own making than to receive a thousand francs from a government, even that of King Solomon. These words were regarded by Julien only as the narrow-mindedness of a squire. He is finally going to appear on the stage of a big event. In his imagination, Paris was full of intelligent people who played tricks and were extremely hypocritical, but were as polite as the Bishop of Bezancon and the Bishop of Agde. The happiness of going to Paris scattered everything in front of him. He let his friend feel that Father Pilate's letter had robbed him of his free will. The next day, near noon, he arrived at Verrières, feeling that he was the happiest man in the world; he was going to see Madame de Laine. He went first to the house of his first patron, the good Father Cheran. The reception he received was severe. Do you think you have been beholden to me? Said M. de Cheran, ignoring his greeting, "You will dine with me, and in the meantime someone will hire another horse for you,cantilever racking system, and you will leave Verrieres without seeing anyone." "To hear is to obey," Julien replied, with the air of a seminarian; and then they talked only of theology and good Latin works.

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