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Lan Yin Bi Yue

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Ming Er fiddled with the green needle-like tea leaves with the tea lid, and the green water rippled up and rippled layer by layer, which was very similar to the rippling eyes of that man. 'One Tree is merciless', that pair of blue eyes is not only merciless, but also unpredictable. Suddenly, he realized what he had thought of, and his mind was stunned. 19. Sailing in the Sea (I) In the evening, everyone went back to the inn, and as expected, what they heard was the same as what they heard in the street. After having dinner together, they gathered in the empty room to discuss. According to the current situation, what are you going to do? Yuwen Lindong took the lead. Kui Kong Wen Yan moved his eyes to Lan Qi and Ming Er, and saw the same look in the two pairs of eyes, which was a comfort in his heart. This generation of Jianghu is full of dragons and phoenixes, but.. Although the swordsmanship of Ren Qi and Lie Chifeng has reached the realm, they are only devoted to martial arts. The descendants of the phoenix are indifferent to the world. Yuwen is too proud. Yuwen Luo's martial arts are not good. Ning Lang is only a young phoenix. The life and death of Lie Chitang and Hua Qinghe in the East Sea are unknown. These two people should be the head of the dragon head phoenix. "First of all, we have to confirm that the news is true or false," said the hollow God. Everyone nodded when he heard the words. "Now that the three thousand heroes have died in the East Sea,wire mesh decking," he said, "how can there be any news coming back? Therefore, the news is either false, but it is false in Jianghu. However, even if the news is true, the person who spread the news can't be found in Jianghu. He must not be one of the first three thousand heroes to go to sea. Otherwise, there is no need to hide in the dark. This person must have ulterior motives. In view of this,Teardrop Pallet Racking, no matter whether the three thousand heroes were buried in the East Sea or not, what we can know is what must have happened in the East Sea. "Well, my little brother thinks so, too." Yuwen Lindong nodded. "No matter what the future is, we still have to go to the East Island," he continued. "We must recapture the holy order." "Of course!" Yu Wenluo immediately rushed to say, "I haven't seen it yet, I must get it back!" "What are you talking about?" Yuwen Lindong glanced at him. Yu Wenluo shrank his neck and bowed his head. Kui Kong just smiled and said, "Third, we don't need as many people to go to sea this time as we did last time. We only pick the first-class masters.". Since there are dangers in the Dongming Sea, those with low martial arts will die in vain. "Mmm." Lan and Ming also nodded in agreement. It is not easy to handle affairs when there are many people. Their eyes glanced at each other, each with a faint smile of ignorance. What's more, we need to make full preparations. Kuang Kong said this and frowned slightly. In Jianghu, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, when it comes to the ability to go to heaven and earth, everyone has his own way. It's just that everyone lives on land and has no experience of sea life. This is the biggest problem of going to sea this time. The sea is full of waves and clouds. In the face of the vast sea, no matter how high their martial arts are, they are useless. There is no need for our predecessors to worry about the fact that we can be responsible for the lack of ships and luggage needed to go to sea. Lan Qi shook his jade fan and turned his eyes to Ming Er, looking like a half-smile. As soon as Ming Er was looked at by Lan Qibi, the teacup that had already been picked up had to be put down. Wen Yan said, "The people who drive the boat and guide the younger generation can be found." The empty eyes looked at Lan Qi and smiled indifferently. Lan Qi returned with a proud and satisfied smile. The Lan family has always been rich, and the Ming family is in Tianzhou near the sea. With the words of the two of them, everyone has a bottom in their hearts. "That will trouble you both." "He was not polite and entrusted the important task." It's scheduled to go to sea on September 26. We don't have much time. Let's go to Yingzhou tomorrow. Yuwen Lindong finally said. Uh The crowd nodded. Everyone went to bed early that night. The next day, everyone got up very early, opened the door, and saw the waiter waiting at the door of the room, washing water, breakfast and so on were already ready. So they cleaned up in their rooms, had breakfast, took their parcels and prepared to go on their way. Out of the door of the inn, several people were stunned again. On the main road in front of the gate stood eight tall steeds, black, white, red and yellow in all colors. The steeds were extraordinary. At a glance, they were BMW with excellent foot strength. When Ma Maehara's groom saw the people coming out of the inn, he bowed and let go of the reins and left, leaving a few people stunned at the door. Come to think of it, it's all prepared by Qi Shao. Ming Er lifts the fog. The crowd was suddenly enlightened. Seven little is generous! "" Yu Wenluo immediately praised. "This son is very careful and thoughtful." Yuwen Lindong could not help laughing. Wu Kong nodded with a smile. Ning Lang beamed, and in the bottom of his heart he was as happy as if he had praised himself. Feng Yi took a look at Ming Er, and his expression was still indifferent. Yuwen was silent. Why are you still standing here? These horses prepared by Ben Shao are not bad. The voice of Lan Qiqing came from behind, and then the breeze blew, and a pale yellow shadow flashed past her eyes and fell lightly on a red horse. Several people can not help but see a bright. The morning light is thin, the steed is like a red cloud in the morning glow, and the sun is shining on the clouds. Lan Qi is dressed in light yellow clothes today. Her hair is tied up in a golden crown and then hangs down, like black silk fluttering in the morning breeze. Her blue eyes are as bright as stars. She smiles in spring. "Let's go on our way." Raising the whip and riding the horse, a red cloud carrying a touch of yellow smoke flew away in an instant. Ming Erfei landed on the white horse. He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "It is the nature of a man to leap on a horse in Jianghu and chase the wind day by day." The words fall, the white horse has spread four hooves, go away. "Yuwen jumped on his horse, waved his whip, and galloped away." Oh, they're all gone. Ning Lang, let's go after them! As soon as Yu Wenluo saw the three of them blinking, he was in a hurry. OK Ning Lang answered cheerfully. At that moment, the two men jumped on horseback and ran after each other. Only three people, Feng Yi,warehousing storage solutions, Kui Kong and Yu Wen Lin Dong, were left. Young man.. Yuwen Lindong sighed. Let's go, too. Kui Kong laughed. So the three of them mounted their horses and galloped away.

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