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Hero Long Sword Daughter Love-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Sima Bai suddenly poured out the wine in the cup, and then described what he had experienced to Mo Fuxin in detail. Even the absurd love affair with Liu Mingzhu in the secret cave of the Valley of Death was all told with fervor and without concealment! Until "Minshan" to the appointment, in the "Echo Valley" found the body of "Scorpio Xiucai" Ouyang Lun, in the "Heartless Pool", goodbye Liu Huanzhu, both saw Liu Huanzhu left on the stone "ten years later, Chi Jun East China Sea" words, Fang and Li hired a boat! Get to know Mo Xiuxin's current affairs and connect with each other. Mo ungrateful listen to lament unceasingly, eye attention Sima Bai, shook his head, said slowly: "Hua Hanyu, Ji Caifeng, and Ji Xiaofeng have all sacrificed for love. They are very pitiful. They are gentle but not stained by mud. They are very respectable and lovely. Liu Mingzhu will not comment for the time being. I only can't seem to hear any concept of likes and dislikes for the girl Jiang Xiaoqiu who once gave you the'Autumn Water Lotus Sword '."? It's a complete blank! Sima Bai wry smile way: "Slow said Mo brother just listen to the story, even the younger brother will meet with Jiang Xiaoqiu, also the impression is very weak, but." Mo ungrateful as if to understand the mind of Sima Bai, not waiting for him to finish, then the interface laughed: "It's just that at the beginning, the original purpose of the'Water Moon Conference 'was to'get the sword to recruit relatives'. Sima Baiyi overwhelmed all the heroes and got the name'Holy Sword Scholar'. Jiang Xiaoqiu not only presented the family heirloom'Autumn Water Hibiscus Picture ', but also gave you her lonely heart as a virgin." Sima white ear root slightly hot, face flying a piece of red clouds, shook his head and said with a wry smile: "It's wishful thinking!" Mo Fuxin lifted the flagon,tile trim manufacturers, filled the cup for Sima Bai, and said slowly: "Whether it's wishful thinking, we can't blame Jiang Xiaoqiu for this'marriage with a sword '!" Sima Bai stunned way: "I don't blame Jiang Xiaoqiu, but who do I blame?" Mo ungrateful reply both very quickly, and very simply, finger Sima white way: "Blame you!" Sima Bai asked in amazement: "Why do you blame me?" Mo ungrateful smile way: "Blame you, the'Sword Scholar ', for your high level of martial arts,stainless steel tile edging, as well as your natural and unrestrained spirit, handsome appearance, and beautiful appearance!" Sima Bai Kui however way: "Brother Mo, don't joke." Don't negative positive way: "I'm not joking, I'm talking about the right thing!"! Brother Sima, you might as well turn around and think about it. If you are Jiang Xiaoqiu, a chivalrous woman with a martial arts background and a beautiful character, do you want to get an ideal home with equal age, talent and innocence? Sima Baifang from a daze, Mo ungrateful and smile way: "If brother Sima's grandmother doesn't love him, and his uncle doesn't love him, and he's black and silly, and he has a blue face and fangs, and after he gets the sword, he still wants to get someone, Jiang Xiaoqiu can think of a hundred reasons to refuse him!"! It happened that your literary talent was romantic, metal trim manufacturers ,tile profile factory, your family background was innocent, you were envious of people, and you were jealous of Pan An. As long as Jiang Xiaoqiu insisted on one reason that he could not betray his promise, he could treat you as a fiance and pursue you! Sima Bai was speechless, and put Zhang Jun's face, swollen red, and shook his hands and said: "No, no, I have declared that I must not be ungrateful to Liu Huanzhu." Mo ungrateful smile way: "That's not ungrateful?"? What law of bigamy may be established in the future? Now there is no such limit! As long as a real man has the energy to deal with it, why should he have three wives and four concubines? Perhaps these chivalrous women in the martial arts world are congenial to each other and become sisters, regardless of their size, and return together hand in hand. Isn't it also a good story in the martial arts world that makes others envious? Sima Baijian frowned deeply, but felt that Mo was sharp-tongued and occupied many reasons, which made it difficult for him to refute! Just when he was quite embarrassed, suddenly a wonderful sound of Cong Cong came to his ears with the wind! Sima Bai with solution, raised his eyebrows and asked: "What is that sound?" Mo ungrateful smile way: "This is a lute. Although it is an autumn night, the place is not Liyang. Brother Sima has his name and surname. (Pages 615-670 are missing)" Scorpio nun said, square "hum", outside the cabin has been reported in a low voice: "Tell the nunnery owner that Parrot Island is just ahead!" Scorpio nun said coldly: "Sail the boat to a secluded place and quietly approach the shore. I want to see how powerful Sima Bai, the'Sword Scholar ', is and how rampant he is!" On Parrot Island. Sima Bai came in a hurry and met a very vicious ambush! However, today's "Sword Scholar" Sima Bai, the high line of merit, is not the past, although many ambushes, although the means are fierce, still failed to hurt Sima Bai half a hair, on the contrary, corpses everywhere, the defeat is very miserable! But Sima Bai's expression is not quiet, his heart is beating wildly! The reason for the heartbeat is not to worry about the appearance of a stronger opponent, but to worry about gentleness. Today's "Sword Scholar" has rich experience in Jianghu. He can see that he was lured by the enemy when he came to "Parrot Island". In that case, how can the other side let go of the gentleness of being alone in Wuchang?.. Worried, several remaining enemies on the opposite side suddenly slowed down and stopped in unison. Sima Bai also saw that this was not an enemy retreat, but mostly a more powerful enemy! He's got a little heartbeat again, and he's expecting.. Sima Bai is looking forward to the appearance of the Scorpio nun who killed his father, whether it is good or bad, let go of each other tonight, so as not to worry about the ends of the earth all day long! There are more than ten figures flashing in the shadow. Sima white sword eyebrow double pick, loud drink a way: "Why are you sneaking around any more? How many foxes and dogs do you have?"? You might as well all roll out for me! There was a sneer in the shadows, but only one man, very haughty and calm, appeared slowly. It was a masked man in black. His black clothes were wide, and his veil hung deep. He could not tell his age. He could only hear from the sneer that he would never be young, but he would not be old either. He was a middle-aged woman of about forty years old. On this "Parrot Continent", the female enemy appeared for the first time, so as soon as Sima Bai heard the other side's laughter, his handsome eyes flashed cold, his body flashed past,tile trim factory, and he reached out to grab the other side's masked black veil. With Sima Bai's present skill, his hand would not fail, especially in such a sudden attack.

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