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Hachifu Linmen [end of text]

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After entering the rest room, King's Landing Crane looked at me worriedly. He couldn't help me in this matter. Xiao Shu. "Linhe." I hugged him. "If you let me hold him for a while, I will have courage." Seeing no one in the room, the crane hugged my body. Suddenly, a laugh came out of his chest. I looked at him doubtfully: "What are you laughing at?" "I was thinking that if you could be as quiet as you are at this moment every day, Xiaolei would not become so naughty." “……” King Linhe now puts Xiaolei's education in the first place. Because it was really difficult for him to take over some things in the Feng family at once. And the position arranged by Mr. Mirror for King's Landing Crane seems to be. Househusband. Tuk Tuk. There was a knock at the door. "Are you ready, madam?" It's Chu Yi. I took a deep breath in the chest of King's Landing Crane. "Okay, I'll get rid of them." "Xiao Shu." When I turned around, King's Landing Crane took my hand and told me earnestly, "After all, they are here on behalf of the emperor, so we should be careful to deal with them." "I understand." Isn't it Xuanyuan Yifei? Isn't it my ex-husband? Uh. It seems that we didn't go through the wedding ceremony, and it doesn't count. Sigh, I used to be a favorite girl without status. I have four husbands now. Although one is true and three are false, it's better than going back to be a concubine. Be careful, madam. Chu Yi also gently reminded me that I glanced at one side of the room, raised my eyebrows, and pushed the door in. When I entered the private room, Chunyu Zichen and Leng Yueyao, who were facing me,alumina c799, looked at me, and my father-in-law looked at me sideways. The soldiers scattered in the private room looked at me. The other one, he sat with his back to me. Today, instead of wearing an official uniform, he was dressed in a gorgeous robe. Seeing that everyone was no longer eating vegetables, he pretended to be confused and said, "Why don't you eat?"? Come on,steatite c221, father-in-law, we've traveled a long way, but we haven't had a good bite. "Lord Chunyu, Mrs. Shu is here." The voice of father-in-law's reminder is worried and helpless. Only then did Chunyu Shanshan turn around. As soon as she saw it was me, she smiled and narrowed her fox eyes: "Yo!"! Madame is here. Chunyu Zichen twisted his eyebrows and said nothing. He glanced at his father-in-law, who seemed to understand and waved back the soldiers in the private room. After the soldier went out, Chunyu Shanshan stood up to greet him. "Long time no see, madam." I smiled: "This is not seen again?" "Yes, it's really fast, but I didn't expect to be able to drink my wife's wedding feast today.". Alas, the emperor asked us to rush eight hundred miles, but the result still failed to stop the madam. A surname Shanshan walked to the father-in-law side, one hand on the father-in-law's shoulder, a plaintive look, 10g Ozone Generator ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, "father-in-law, I think we also don't go back, back to the resource bear to produce millions of packaged resource providers zybear. Taobao. Com." I looked at Chunyu Shanshan acting coldly. Thank you for your reward, and the little one will take off his clothes to serve you. Today, Tangerine Honey has been trained to be unscrupulous, saying that durian is used to get used to birds. Episode 4 Chapter 131 The Huff of that year. The monthly ticket for June will be added from today. 100 plus more to send home about the birth of a child's advice is very good, so it really saves trouble. Chunyu Shanshan came with the task, if I don't go back with him, I believe he can't avoid a punishment. Standing aside, Chunyu Zichen sighed lightly, as if he were worried about Chunyu Shanshan. Leng Yueyao looked at the crowd and finally couldn't help saying, "Xiao Shu, you can refuse the imperial edict today on the grounds that you are not Shu Qingya, but what about next time?" I smiled: "Piao Piao is dead.". I am Shu Ya and Shu Qingqing. Four years ago, I married and had a daughter. Xiaolei is my daughter. So if I can't get married today, I'm already a woman. "What, is that girl really your daughter?" Chunyu Shanshan recovered a little spirit, he looked at me incredibly round eyes, "Wang Ye and I always thought you were talking nonsense, because we have not seen your officer." "Yes.." You didn't see.. It's because.. He's gone. "Because of King's Landing Crane?" Chunyu Shanshan asked tentatively. I kept smiling and my eyes became cold. "Lord Chunyu Shanshan, are you in charge of too much land?" Chunyu Shanshan narrowed her eyes, looked away, and resumed her previous depression: "What should I do? I must lose my official position when I go back." "Oh.." How much is the annual salary of Lord Chunyu? I asked with a smile. Chunyu Shanshan raised her eyebrows, and everyone's expression became confused. The monthly salary is thirty taels. "Well, I'll give you fifty taels a month. Don't go back.". Stay with me. I smiled sincerely, little Shanshan, stay, come to my arms, don't work for Xuanyuan Yifei. Chunyu Shanshan obviously didn't expect me to say that. Stunned for a moment. Accompanied by the father-in-law immediately obsequious smile: "I would like to ask the Madam.". Do you lack a father-in-law here? "My father-in-law is free, and.". My wife has to bother her father-in-law to bring a message back. As soon as the father-in-law's face collapsed, he sighed loudly. Please go back and tell the emperor. That is to say, although Mrs. Shu of Qingzhou is very similar to Piaopiao Beauty, she is not Piaopiao Beauty. Moreover, Mrs. Shu already has two husbands and three side husbands. It must not be the man the emperor is looking for. Father-in-law hangs one's head to sigh: "Look also only so say, the madam is good from it." "That's all right." Leng Yueyao agreed with a smile, "at least the emperor has no reason to catch you back, he is very face-saving, will not do anything harmful to his face." "Yue Yao." Chunyu Zichen doted on him and scolded him softly to stop Leng Yueyao from talking about Xuanyuan Yifei behind his back. Look at Chunyu Shanshan again, he is still ossified. I went up and poked him on the forehead with my chopsticks. "Well, have you decided?" "Think about it!" Chunyu Shanshan finally back, "madam's proposal is very good.". Father in law. Please go back and tell the emperor that Shanshan will stay at Shu's house from now on. The father-in-law shook his head and sighed. Chunyu Shanshan smiled and narrowed her fox eyes. "Thank you for your appreciation, madam." Put your hands on my shoulders. I opened it with chopsticks and looked into the eyes of the fox, knowing each other. His body is in the Shu family, and his heart is in Xuanyuan. I am to keep him to stay, let Xuanyuan Yifei rest assured,7g Ozone Generator, or slow down any action he did to me. Xuanyuan Yifei is different from Nangong Qiu, he will not rob, because he understands my temperament.

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