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Did madam go home today?

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The host said a long series of opening words, and then it was time for the reporter to ask the actors. All of a sudden, all the flashlights under the stage were constantly on, and all the media rushed to take a lot of photos, which led to a rush to ask questions. Ye Siya wore few dresses in the world, and when the media took pictures, naturally all the flashlights were aimed at her. With a decent smile on her face, Ye Siya posed in the most elegant pose for the media to shoot. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at Shiguan next to her and found that Shiguan seemed to have nothing to do with herself and had no intention of posing for people to take pictures. Ha ha, Ye Siya gave a sneer from the bottom of her heart. Sure enough, Shiguan himself knew that today's clothes were not on the table, and he was embarrassed to let others take pictures. After the media finished taking pictures, they all rushed up and formed a circle under the stage. All the reporters scrambled to ask questions. Ye Siya smiled triumphantly and raised her head more proudly, ready to answer the questions raised by the reporters. However, the first question that journalists rushed to ask was: "Miss Shi Guan, not long ago, you and President Gu held a prosperous wedding. It is reasonable to say that you have married into a wealthy family and have no worries about food and clothing. But why do you still want to come out to work?" Everyone on the stage did not expect that the first question raised by the reporters was to ask Xiang Shiguan. Shi Guan was stunned,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but fortunately he did not show any surprise. (End of this chapter) 326. No Chapter 326 is it love? (2) Chapter 326 is it love? (2) At that time, Guan was stunned, but fortunately she did not show any surprise. She was stunned for a second, and immediately showed an elegant and decent smile. She answered the reporter and said: Because I'm not always a canary, I don't need to be caged. Acting is a job I've always been interested in, and I'm not going to give up my career just because I'm married to Gu Jia. Her answer was watertight, reasonable and admirable,cordierite c520, and immediately drew a round of applause. Then another reporter asked, "Miss Shi Guan, could I ask you, how do you know General Manager Gu?"? The elopement at the end of your wedding touched the hearts of thousands of young girls. It was so romantic! As soon as she heard the reporter ask about their wedding, she couldn't help being embarrassed. She answered with a smile of skin and flesh: "General Manager Gu and I have known each other for a long time. As for the accident at the wedding, we didn't expect it. Fortunately, the wedding finally had a perfect ending." A reporter excitedly asked first: "At that time, Miss Guan, what was the reason for you to marry General Manager Gu at the beginning of your career?"? Is it love?! Your love affair with General Manager Gu is the envy of all women! Hearing such a question, Shi Guan said, "… …" Love? How can she have any love with Gu Quannian? She really wants to say to the journalist brothers, don't fantasize, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic welding tape, it's all fake! But she could only think about it, and then changed the subject with a smile: "Oh, everyone seems to have forgotten that we are promoting this" Zhu Lou Opera "today!" Compere answers immediately: "Right, right, reporter friends also do not stare at our time to ask only, our female number one also is on the stage." As soon as this word came out, the reporters in the audience noticed that Ye Siya, the female number one of the play, was standing here. Ye Siya was so angry that her face was about to turn black. She clenched her teeth tightly and stared at the reporters who kept asking questions to Shiguan. Her hands were clenched into fists. What kind of bullshit reporters are these? Are they blind? Her handsome female number one was here, and these reporters only stared at Shiguan and asked. But angry to be angry, in public, Ye Siya is still very able to pay attention to their image. Although she was about to smoke with hatred, she tried to keep smiling. When the reporters heard the host's reminder, they remembered to ask the female number one Ye Siya. So one of the reporters raised the microphone and asked solemnly, "Excuse me, Miss Ye, when you were filming with Miss Shiguan, did you notice that Miss Shiguan was in love?" Ye Siya was about to answer the question with great interest, but she froze directly. ……” This is not a question for Ye Siya! Simply take the opportunity to ask Ye Siya, want to inquire more about the matter of Shiguan. Suddenly, with a burst of laughter, the people present did not know who laughed out loud, and for a moment the scene was even more embarrassing. Ye Siya was so angry that her face turned green and she was so embarrassed that she wished she could leave the stage directly. Why! Why is it that every time she and Shiguan are together, she always gets the most attention?! Ye Siya stared at Shi Guan angrily, and her nails were deeply embedded in the palm of her hand without noticing. A nameless anger suddenly rose in her chest. Why? Her heart silently sent ruthless, with such a humble person as Shiguan, she would never let her steal her own limelight! (End of this chapter) 327. No Chapter 327 is surrounded by microphones and cameras. Chapter 327 is surrounded by microphones and cameras. After the whole propaganda meeting, Shiguan seemed to be surrounded by microphones and cameras. All the media reporters, no matter how the hosts and organizers guide them to pay attention to this "Zhu Lou Opera". But those reporters, asked less than a word, they tried to turn the question to Shiguan. When Guan was on the court, there was no time for a moment's rest, and he was constantly questioned by the media reporters. Shiguan happened to look at Ye Siya beside her, who hated her so much that she wanted to turn into a pig-liver-colored face. She was very speechless. Er, she completely stole the limelight of the leading actor. This was not her intention. Finally, at the end of the propaganda meeting, the host said a few words about the closing ceremony, and all the actors could step down. When Guan saw that it was finally over, he sighed wearily. Hey,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I didn't expect to be repeatedly asked questions, even more tired than acting! The most important thing is that they are changing their ways to ask questions about the sweet love between her and Gu Quannian. Shiguan is going to have a big head, damn it! How can they have a sweet love? It's a sinful encounter.

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