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Death Cycle 2 Menling Weird Talk _ Infinite Fiction Network _ _ 20200211223316

Vloženo: 9.9.2022 | Přečteno: 8x

He ran along with the sound, and when he came to a big stone, he saw five or six women sitting around the stone, all tied tightly to the stone by ropes, and his wife was among them. Seeing this, the busker immediately wanted to come forward and untie the rope. But as soon as he took out the dagger, he was stopped by one of the women. The busker said, "So-and-so is my wife. We passed here last night, but my wife disappeared in the middle of the night.". I've been looking all the way here. Why did you stop me from saving people? The woman responded, "We are all villagers and passers-by at the foot of the mountain. We were caught here by thieves at night.". Now that you have found this place, can you help us kill the thief first, and then save us out? If he is not killed, he will surely do evil again in the future. The busker hesitated for a moment, then nodded and agreed. The woman went on to say, "The thief brought us here for the purpose of practicing martial arts.". He comes here every ten days, every time at midnight. When he came, he would untie the rope first, and then give us some thick iron ropes to wrap around his hands, feet and body. As long as he is lucky,shuttle rack system, the iron cable will break by itself. Every time he tries, he will let us wrap one more iron rope around him, and tomorrow, we will wrap five iron ropes. You can hide in the dark tomorrow and rush out to kill him when we are wrapped around him for six or seven times. The busker listened and left at the appointed time. Late the next night, the busker came to the place and hid behind the bushes. After a while, a man went to the big stone and untied the ropes of the women. The busker looked at the man and saw that he was more than one person tall. His hair was an inch long and very dense, and his appearance was extremely formidable. Just as the women were wrapping chains around their bodies to the sixth circle, the busker suddenly jumped out of the bushes,heavy duty cantilever racks, pulled out his sword and jumped into the air with an arrow, and cut off the head of the thief. The busker approached his side and took a closer look. It turned out that the thief was a big white ape with one arm. Since then, there has been no disappearance of women in Hanshan. Rhizoma Polygonati In the early years, there lived a wealthy merchant's family named Tang in a certain city. Because he was a businessman from his ancestors, he accumulated a lot of wealth and was the leading family in the local area. The master of the Tang family bought many servants and maids to serve him, but he was cruel and often abused them for his own amusement, which made the servants miserable and complained. One of the maids, unable to withstand his days of abuse, ran out of the Tang Mansion alone in the dead of night and fled into the mountains. She fled into the mountains and ate all the dry food she had brought with her in a few days. One day, the maid staggered to the edge of a spring, because she could not bear hunger, she sat aside to rest. She turned to look at the water's edge and saw many pale yellow fruits like cherries growing in the water plants beside the spring, which were numerous and lovely. Hungry, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, she immediately ran forward, uprooted it from the water's edge, and ate it with the fruit on it. As the maid chewed, she felt that the fruit tasted sweet, fragrant and delicious. From then on, she often came to the spring and ate the pale yellow fruit. After a long time, not only the hunger gradually subsided, but also found that his body became more and more light and agile. One evening, the maid was resting under a big tree when she heard the roar of a fierce beast not far away. She was immediately frightened to wake up, thinking that the tiger in the mountains was coming here. Panic-stricken, she thought that if she could climb up this tree and hold her breath in silence, she might be able to escape the attack of the beast. Is secretly pondering, the maid's body has unconsciously come to the tree above. She was so surprised that she didn't know what was going on. After a while, listening to the sound fade away, she thought about how to return to the ground, but her body had fallen back to the ground. The maid was full of doubts, wondering if her body would float away where her mind was pointing. After a moment's hesitation, she wanted to experiment to prove her idea. The maid came to a hill, she tried to jump from this hill to another hill, only to see the maid suddenly jumped into the air, like a bird across the sky, slowly falling on another hill. With her feet on the ground, she looked at the hill that had jumped across, and she was so happy that she really didn't know what to do. A few days later, someone in the Tang family went into the mountains to cut firewood, and vaguely seemed to see the maid walking in the mountains, so he went back to the house and told the master of the Tang family. When the master heard that the maid was hiding in the mountains, he was furious and immediately sent many servants to take her back to the mansion and torture her. But a group of people searched in the mountains for several days, but there was no sign of the maid. One day, when the master of the Tang family and the servants were looking for the maid in the mountains, they happened to bump into her on the edge of a cliff. The master saw that there was a cliff behind the maid and there was no way out, so he ordered the servants to surround her from three sides and catch her. At the critical moment, the maid suddenly jumped into the air and jumped to the top of the cliff. When the master saw this, he was shocked and immediately ordered the servants to seize him. Seeing this, one of the servants who accompanied him went quietly to his master and said in a low voice, "She is an inferior maid. She can't have the magic of immortal bones.". Must be in this deep mountain, eat some magic medicine, will have such a vigorous skill. The master can send more people to put more fruit and food in the mountain. The food was sprinkled with ecstasy powder, and then people hid in ambush near the food. As long as the maid came to eat, she would be paralyzed and unable to walk. When the crowd swarms up, they will be able to catch him. When the host heard this, he praised the plan again and again, so he immediately sent more people to prepare fruit, food and other things,shuttle rack system, smeared the powder, and put it in the mountains. The crowd lurked in the grass, quietly waiting for the maid to fall into the trap.

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