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Crossing the Second World-Hiroko

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Then summer called out the goddess of ice and snow, Nangong Haotian also called out the fire-bathing phoenix (rosefinch God beast), the ice of the goddess of ice and snow caused the speed of the guardian of Nanming to drop again, and the fire-bathing phoenix's fire magic once again gave him a fire and ice, one cold and one hot made the guardian of Nanming almost crazy! The attack of the goddess of ice and snow is always so elegant and beautiful, each attack is gorgeous dark blue, otherwise it is white, and the phoenix bathing in fire is a fiery red color skill. Surrounded by surprisingly no Xiaoguai, which makes the attack of three people become very fluent, Nangong Haotian's curse state and the blessing state of the madman directly lead to the double damage of Nanming Guardian, the so-called blessing is a skill in the soul of the madman's sorcerer, blessing each other's curse doubled, a very damaging skill! This situation lasted for half an hour, the guardian of Nanming suddenly became irritable, summer and Nangong Haotian they immediately arrived not good, it is estimated to be mineralization, three people have to get out of the way, they do not want to let the monster mineralization when the golden light seckill. A few seconds later, the name of the Southern Ming Guardian changed again, Dark Gold Guardian Lv200. Two hundred levels of dark gold BOOS, summer and Nangong Haotian and Feng Ruxuan at the same time, this guy is not dark gold BOOS at first? Why do you change Dark Gold Boos now? Peng- Without any reaction time, Summer's head was hit again, buzzing ~ ~ he only felt countless small bees flying back and forth in his ears, seeing stars in his eyes. But fortunately, the defense in Feng Ruxuan and Nangong Haotian's blessing has a high promotion, this time as long as the summer six thousand damage, but has been quite terrible,Ceramic Band Heater, to know the summer PK when the player hit him is generally hundreds of damage ah, unless you meet a master. Six thousand damage value, this is equivalent to a 120 level warrior attacking himself, and its life value is not comparable to the player! Ice and snow goddess immediately cast ice, directly reduce the speed of the guardian, and there are three seconds of ice effect, so summer can use this time to restore their life value, back to the blood pill three people also brought a lot, the back to the blood pill almost all out of the warehouse. As a result of the last battle with the Northern Alliance, there were only more than ten thousand blood pills left in the hands of Summer, but it was enough for three people to use. Each person had three thousand blood pills, which I believe could deal with the Great Demon King of Kaka. Taking advantage of the effect of the dark gold guardian frozen, the fire-bathing phoenix and the goddess of ice and snow attacked crazily with magic. Nangong Haotian and Feng Ruxuan specially looked for the vital attack. For a time, the hatred was transferred to the phoenix of desire and the goddess of ice and snow. Summer was saved. Nangong Haotian immediately threw a cure: "This guy doesn't know when he will use a big move." So let's be careful! The two men nodded and did not speak, ceramic bobbin element ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but the attack in their hands did not diminish at all, and kept the guardian in a corner. The goddess of ice and snow and the fire-bathing phoenix blocked the guardian's way. Summer summoned the seraph again. Summer their output again raised to a peak, the dark gold guardian is also insisted on less than twenty minutes to be killed, Nangong Haotian and the madman helplessly looked at the summer way: "Why don't you call out the seraph earlier?" Summer Hei Hei smiled and said, "What else do we need to do with the help of pets?" Feng Ruxuan did not argue with the summer, went to the place where the dark gold guardian exploded things, picked up a black thing on the ground, surprised way: "Wow, there is such a thing!" Summer and Nangong Haotian no longer bicker, immediately ran to the madman, summer took the things in the hands of the madman, surprised way: "darling ~ terrible ah!" Chapter 469 wronged madman. Nangong Haotian immediately came up and looked at the things in Summer's hands and said, "What? Look at your surprise!" Then he took the goods from Summer's hand. (.. Update our speed first. ) Six reincarnation disks, hidden attributes! Nangong Haotian saw the attribute prompt, rely on, attribute hidden? Still have this thing, pass summer thing strangely: "What thing is this?" Summer shook his head, he did not know, this thing is too strange, but look at the name should not be a flying waste, casually said: "should be a task item!" " Three people tidied up the things on the ground, most of them are warrior supplies, three people did not get a piece of equipment, but one of the crazy war hammer is good, but the strength demand is very high, I do not know if death can take it, but summer can pick it up. Continue to go deep, after playing this BOOS three people almost did not see anything appear, is not a small monster, three people are very strange, especially in the summer and Feng Ruxuan, in the south of the cave for so long has not encountered such a thing, summer is even more strange, when he and the small demon in front of the hall upgrade, but the monster here is piled up. But why is there no one now? Did the map change after we received this task? Or can the system be arranged? Feng Ruxuan Road, now only this explanation, otherwise before the monster where to go? Can the killed monster be refreshed again? Why is there no one now? Even if it is a collective migration, what should be left behind? Summer shook his head and looked at the five-story cave and said, "It's not that simple. The map we received the task should be more sad, not so easy!"! So there should be some big BOOS waiting for us! Nangong Haotian nodded in agreement with the view of the summer, such a difficult task system can not be so let oneself in the past, after all, the task passed is 50 ah. (..) Three people slowly walk in the cave on the sixth floor, there is no strange three people but walk slowly, originally if there is a strange word, the strength of the three people should walk faster,Ceramic Bobbin, but now there is no strange three people is careful up, they are afraid suddenly out of a three hundred guys, a careless to cause their own seckill!.

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