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Congenital Deficiency--He Wan Chuan

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Without waiting for Qian Bo to call him, Hong Zhuo's usual vigilance woke him up from his sleep. In an instant, he woke up, and his eyes were as sharp as usual. He sat up propped up, his palms sinking into the soft bed, and something slipped onto the back of his hand. He looked sideways, and the things before he went to bed last night came into his mind. He accidentally found the secret compartment of Hong Lingyu's desk, in which the password of the diary lock was his birthday, and then he watched it like this until he fell asleep. A thin diary, full of this man's memories, from the age of six, that is, the year he was diagnosed with congenital deficiency, until he was ten years old, all in the Hong family and this house. Before he could sort out what mood he was in after reading it, Hongzhuo suddenly remembered something and turned directly to the last page holding the spine of the book. The diary on the last page of this book happened to be a day ten years ago. What about the diary after that? Now that this diary has been finished, and his adopted son has the habit of keeping a diary,stainless steel edge trim, where is the rest of the diary? Thinking so, Hongzhuo sat up from the bed, strode to the desk, and bent down to look at the bottom of the desk. There was only one hidden compartment at the bottom of the table, and it was empty. Is it on the bookcase? Have you ever given your adopted son any other books besides this one? Starting from the leftmost and topmost floor of the bookcase, Hongzhuo pulled the books back one by one, and then returned them one by one. Chambers looked at him and guessed that he was looking for something. "What is the master looking for?"? Why don't I help? But Hongzhuo refused without hesitation: "No.". You go out. It seems that I don't want him to help,china tile trim, and I don't want him to stand here and watch. I have to say, Hongzhuo's intuition is right. When he found the third floor near the ground in the leftmost column of the bookcase, he really found a diary exactly like the dark one. Only in this book, there is no Hongzhuo's own signature. This is not from him. Hong Zhuo thought. Opening the title page, Hong Lingyu wrote down the origin of the book. Brought back from England by XX in XX year. Start another line. PS £ 375 is a lot. The cool city in August, as its name suggests, is very refreshing in summer because it is backed by mountains. If you don't add a coat after nightfall, you will be blown by an exciting spirit. Hong Lingyu found a convenient location, rented a whole self-built building from a couple who went to work in other provinces for 3000 a year, reclaimed the backyard and re-planted some rapeseed. After all, it is a remote town, where commercial transportation is not developed, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, and each family is basically self-sufficient. After settling down and the vegetable garden is ready, Hong Lingyu thought about buying two hens and preparing to raise them in captivity. After all, he also needs protein. The phone card that originally belonged to Zhang Daiqiu was pulled out as early as he got on the train and replaced with a brand new card. These days, he collects mail during the day, works as a translator, manages the vegetable garden, reads books at night, and goes to bed early before ten o'clock. Such a simple and quiet life passed very quickly, and the hottest time of the year passed unconsciously, and it was September in the blink of an eye. When the weather is not so hot, Hong Lingyu looks up from the computer screen on the second floor and occasionally sees some fashionable and exquisite city people passing by. So when he went to the county hospital to get the medicine, he asked casually. The nurse laughs: "Listen to your this problem, you are not native for certain?" Hong Lingyu touched his nose and nodded. Flowers are blooming on the mountains in the west of the city. These tourists from other provinces should come to climb the mountain. If you are free, you can go and have a look. There are flowers all over the mountains and plains. It's beautiful. The nurse put the medicine in his hand and turned away with a smile. Since he came here, he has been stuffy in the house for two months, and it is not necessary to go out for a walk. So Hong Lingyu tidied up his bag the next day, carried some food and water on his back, checked the map, got up early and set out. It took only forty minutes to get there by bus from where he lived. There are not many people on the mountain in the early morning, and the air is filled with moist water vapor and the fragrance of flowers, refreshing and fragrant. The morning sun had just risen, and it was the warmest and softest time of the day. It was cast on the petals of dew blooming on both sides of the mountain road, glittering and translucent, like a road paved by stars and rivers. Hong Lingyu walks very slowly. On the one hand, he was afraid that his heart was under too much pressure, and on the other hand, he seldom went out when he was still in his own body. Occasionally, he went out to attend some banquets. He had never enjoyed the natural beauty like this. It turns out that the outside world is like this. It's so beautiful. The cool city in August is comfortable and pleasant, but the C city in August is still hot. Seven months after the assassination that led to Hong Lingyu's death, Hong Zhuo's talent finally pressed the remaining two men back. In these two people, Hong Zhuo used the means he learned from his father, once extremely disgusted, personally pried open the mouth of these two people. He only asked two questions. First question, who is behind it? Second question, what was on Hong Lingyu at that time? The first question involves a large number of people, Hong Zhuo will remember these names one by one, just wait for the day to free up their hands to clean them up slowly. And the second question, these two people are no comment-they were in the middle of the mall 200 meters away, how could they know what Hong Lingyu had on him? One of them was tortured so much that when he was about to collapse,stainless steel tile edge trim, he scolded him like this: "Big Brother Hong, the head of the Hong family!"! You ***ing move the brain behind that pair of tricks and think about it. We didn't ***ing touch a hair of Hong Lingyu. I don't know what he has on him! It was not until the two men died completely that Hong Zhuo gradually calmed down and realized that the two men should really not know what Hong Lingyu was carrying at that time. And he actually got some magic because of it. Just because he found the second diary in Hong Lingyu's study, which stopped abruptly one day five years ago.

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