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Bone-eroding danger

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"***!"! This is not a gang fight, this is more bullying less! Xi Chen scolded, as if he despised Shen Xiujin, but he was the first to jump up and join the battle with shining eyes. Bai Yuxing covered his forehead and Chen was really anxious to see the world in disorder. Now that Xi Chen has come off the stage, there is no reason for him not to come off the stage. Two people entangled Xiao Heng, Shen Xiujin neatly pulled Jane Tong out of the battlefield, a bend, without saying a word, the whole Jane Tong on the shoulder, "to you." Bai Yuxing stole a glance at the person who left in a very natural and unrestrained way. "***!"! Xiu, this bastard! Xiao Heng looked at Jane Tong was taken away, anxious, more ruthless: "get out of the way, good dog is not in the way!" " And Jian Tong was stuffed into the car by Shen Xiujin. Where to go Jane Tong looked at the road section and asked hurriedly. Civil Affairs Bureau! She panicked: "The Civil Affairs Bureau is off duty!" The man chuckled, "You are so naive." She seemed to read the light smile in his eyes, more panic, reached out to pull the car door: "Open the door!"! I want to get off! Chapter 176 you are too naive. Jian Tong got off the bus as he wished, but he was carried off. I'm not getting out of the car! Let go of me! Let it go Most of her body was carried by Shen Xiujin, leaving only a pair of hands. She grabbed the car door in a pitiful way and kicked him with two feet. Anyway, she didn't have eyes behind her. It was unknown whether she had kicked the man in her panic. Weren't you the one who just said to get off? "Chien Tong one, immediately resumed Pure Brightness:" Before the prison, you do not die also refused to marry me? She went back sarcastically. That was a mistake. I'm correcting the mistake now. On the man's handsome face, there was a flash of light, and under the lamplight, the side face became more and more resolute. "Shen Xiujin," she laughed, "I am also correcting my mistakes now." Two people hit the machine front to speak,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the man's eyes slightly cold, ignored her words, turned a deaf ear to say: "From today on, you will be my Shen Xiujin's wife, my child's mother." "Shen Xiujin, you make me sick!" Jian Tong scolded ferociously. The man's long and narrow eyes flashed with deep light: "You are going to marry the man who makes you sick!" "I won't sign it!" "Child, you are naive again." At this time, Jane Tong has not yet understood the meaning of Shen Xiujin's words. Until Sitting in front of a small lamp in the Civil Affairs Bureau. I won't sign it. She said lightly, sweeping the things on the table. The people in the office were still complaining when they came, but now they are too nervous to speak. Do not even dare to look up to see where this is to get married, this is to force marriage! He has been working diligently in this position for seven or eight years, and he has never been so anxious to get married. Shen Xiujin's pale eyes swept over Jane Tong's face and suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand. Jane Tong panicked: "What are you doing?"! Do you know it's against the law? "You go and sue." He grabbed her hand and wrote her name on her paper, one stroke at a time. Under a dozen strokes, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, the word "Jane" appeared on the paper. Shen Xiujin! This is compulsion! He shouted in a rough voice in a panic. He looked up for help and looked at the staff opposite: "I don't want to.". You help me. The staff on the opposite side immediately put their heads aside: "Miss, this is your housework, it is better for you to discuss it, and then discuss it." I am not his wife! This is not a family matter! You saw it! You saw everything! Why not say a fair word! Her voice suddenly stopped, clearly felt the edge of her ear, his approach, the warm breath sprayed on her ears, she clearly felt! Thin lips against her: "So you are naive.". As naive as it was three years ago. Boom! A sudden sharp pain in the heart! You almost broke your white teeth, so you are as naive as you were three years ago. Shen Xiujin, you win! The hand holding the pen, which had resisted with all its strength, suddenly removed all its strength and let the people behind her hold her hand and write her name one stroke at a time. Congratulations, both of you. In my ears, I heard the congratulations of the staff. She listened but extremely harsh, let the man take the red book, let him hold his hand to go out, but suddenly nausea, a shake off his hand: "Well, you are satisfied?"? You won? What do you prove by doing so? Prove that you can do anything? You have proved your dignity. What about mine? She raised her fist and smashed it one after another on the great body of the man in front of her. His shoulders, his chest, and his arms were all bearing the rain of fists. Jane Tong is venting, she must vent! She blamed him, so she hit him with one punch after another. He did not move either, letting the woman's fist fall on him. Chien Tong smashes, but moves more and more slowly. In the end, it takes a long time to see her smash her fist: "I don't blame you." She spoke slowly and said three words. She blames herself most! Resent your powerlessness! She was carried into the Civil Affairs Bureau. When she went there, she was like a warrior defending herself. When she came out, she was like a frosted eggplant. Glancing at the red book in Shen Xiujin's hand, the pale lips bit out the blood, and laughed at herself. Yes, she was really naive again. At the end of the day, she could get the red book done, but she refused to sign it. He could force her to sign it in a hundred ways. Shen Xiujin, you win. Really, between you and me, I have always been the loser. She lost through and through! Her palm, pass to Shen Xiujin palm in the heart of the heat, heart, but incomparably cold. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and held the woman in front of him tightly in his arms. There was a trace of pity between the man's eyebrows, but he was extremely overbearing and said, "Little boy, forget it and live a good life with me." Such simple and sincere love words, if it is familiar with Shen Xiujin standing next to,warehouse pallet racks, absolutely can not believe that such words, will be from the mouth of Shen Xiujin, who is as proud as a wolf.

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